Guys have two options when buying underwear: affordable cotton pairs bought in packs that are poor quality and uncomfortable, or microfiber boxer briefs from designer labels that cost over $100 for 3 pairs. All Citizens was born from the idea that a men's under apparel brand should exist at the intersection between quality and price.
       When choosing the name of the brand, we wanted one that spoke to who we are and what we believe: a price tag should never hinder someone from being comfortable and feeling their best, and everyone should have access to premium apparel. We make a better boxer brief, we make it affordable and we make it for all citizens.
       We aspire to move the needle in 21st century retail (even if it's just a little bit) from an old and bloated retail chain to a modern, streamlined business model that directly benefits the consumer rather than a company's bottom line. This means no middle men, no storefronts, no large marketing budgets and no excessive markups.
       With the combination of a superior product made with the best fabrics and offered at half the price of the competition, we believe we've hit on something magical here. We are very excited to share All Citizens with you and hope you enjoy the boxer briefs as much as we have enjoyed making them.
Welcome to All Citizens - it's great to meet you