Fewer returns =
lower costs for us =
lower prices for you

That’s pretty much the whole idea.

List of all product lines:

1. Underwear - all underwear fits (Standard, Athletic, Longer), styles (boxer brief, Paradise pocket, trunk, brief, boxer) and fabrics are considered the same product line.

2. Performance Dress shirt and the Performance Short Sleeve Button Up in all styles, fits and fabrics are considered the same product line.

3. Essential V Neck and Crew Neck in all styles, fits and fabrics are considered the same product line.

4. AirWeight undershirt - High V and Deep V are considered the same product line.

5. All socks in any fit or style are considered the same product line.

6. Contender Training Shorts and Heavyweight Training Shorts are considered the same product line.

7. The Limitless Performance Chino

First Garment Guarantee
Sustainable Returns Guarantee
First Garment Guarantee
First time trying our products? Just order 1 unit first and try it out risk free. If it doesn’t work out, we'll process a return or exchange and refund up to $15 of the return shipping cost (Canada orders only)

Note: All underwear fits, fabrics and ranges are considered the same product line

  • Example #1: Order 1 pair of Classic Standard Fit Boxer Briefs + 1 pair of socks + 1 Performance Dress Shirt - all 3 items are covered with a free return or exchange
  • Example #2: Order 1 pair of Classic Standard Fit Boxer Briefs + 1 pair of Paradise Pocket Athletic Fit Boxer Briefs - none of the items are covered under the First Garment Guarantee and are instead covered by the Feel Good Guarantee. Both items must be returned unopened and still in their original packaging.size or fit, just ask!
  • Canada orders only. All international orders are covered under the Feel Good Guarantee.

    First time US orders

    If it's your first time trying any product line, just order 1 unit first - if you don't absolutely love it within 30 days, reach out to and we’ll process a return or exchange no questions asked. Customer is responsible for return shipping and we will refund up to $15 for the return shipping cost.

    Want a $5 refund on the shipping cost?

    Place a second order of $80 or more within 15 days of your original order and we’ll refund $5 of the shipping cost on your 1st order!

    And if you want a discount as well, we have a Drawer Refresh Upgrade where we’ll apply a discount to both of your orders as well as refund $5 of the shipping cost.

    Just leave a note on your order saying “Refund shipping on 1st order” or “Apply Drawer Refresh Upgrade” and we’ll get that processed for you.

    Terms and Conditions

    Due to health code regulations and hygiene concerns, company policy and the intimate nature of underwear, we cannot accept returns or issue a refund if the underwear has been tried on or taken out of its individual package (excluding your first pair). We reserve the the right to refuse any returned underwear garment which we believe to be worn. Any questions on product, fit, material or other, please email hello@AllCitizens.come and we’ll be happy to help

    All underwear fits (Standard, Athletic, Longer, Trunks, Briefs, Boxers, etc) , fabrics (Re:Luxe, Luxe, EcoSilver, Compression, etc) and ranges (Classic, Paradise Pocket, etc) are considered the same product line. We recommend only purchasing 1 item from a product line first before committing to a larger order. Orders which contain multiple units of the same product line (e.g., multiple sizes, fits, ranges and/or colors of any pair of underwear) don't qualify for the First Garment Guarantee and are covered by the Feel Good Guarantee instead.

    Shipping charges on the original order will not be refunded.
    Please allow 14 days to process the return and provide a refund once we receive the returned package (please note that during more pressing times, such as during the COVID pandemic, return processing times may be delayed up to 21 days due to reduced capacity and headcount - thank you for your patience on this during these trying times)

    Gift Cards are non-refundable.

    Returns or exchanges due to an error on All Citizens's part will be handled on a case-by-case basis

    All international orders are subject to the Feel Good Guarantee (the First Pair Guarantee does not apply to international orders) - all returned items must be unopened, still in their original packaging and not worn or tried on. Return shipping and any duties or taxes are the responsibility of the customer

    For boxer briefs - we will process an exchange from a Standard Fit to an Athletic Fit boxer brief and vice versa, but will not process an exchange from a Standard Fit or Athletic Fit to the Longer Fit Boxer Brief

    For boxer briefs and socks - we will process an exchange to a different size in the same color but will not process exchanges to a different color

    Under the First Garment Guarantee, the Variant 2 boxer briefs cannot be exchanged for non-Variant 2 boxer briefs

    If an order contains a single item from different product lines (e.g., 1 V neck t shirt, 1 dress shirt and 1 short sleeve button up), and it is the customer's first time trying all of the different product lines, all items in that order are eligible for returns and exchanges under the First Garment Guarantee

    In the case where an order contains multiple items from a single product line as well as a single item from a different product line (e.g., 2 dress shirts and 1 V neck t shirt), and it is the customer's first time trying all of the product lines in this order, only the single item is eligible for free returns and exchanges (e.g., the 1 V neck t shirt in this example). The free return and exchange from the single item cannot be extended to the multiple items from a product line (e.g., the 2 dress shirts in this example)

    After your first garment from a product line, all subsequent garments being returned or exchanged must be in their original product packaging and has not been opened, washed or worn. If we receive a returned garment with product packaging that has been opened, the item will be discarded/disposed of and a refund will not be issued for this item. All Citizens maintains the right to reject any returned items which we believe have been opened, are not in their original packaging, or have been tried on*, washed, damaged or altered in any way

    All Citizens does not take responsibility for any products lost during the return shipping process. If you have any issues with the delivery of your package, please contact the carrier for a resolution.

    All Citizens is not able to resolve shipping problems after delivery. All items purchased from are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to the customer upon our delivery to the carrier. Please ensure that your selected shipping address provides a secure location for your order.

    For packages which are unable to be delivered and are returned back to our warehouse, we will refund your order and subtract the shipping and fulfillment costs borne by All Citizens will be deducted from the refund. Please ensure your shipping address is accurate to avoid failed deliveries.

    For purchases made using Bitcoin or other crypto currencies: due to the fluctuating prices of crypto currencies, we are only able to provide the USD equivalent of your original order for your return.

    Please email if you have any questions.

    We know you’re used to “free returns on all orders”

    But here’s the truth about those “free returns:”

    Shipping items and processing returns is expensive for businesses - take into account:

    that's a
    long list

    Most brands expect a high level of returns and bake the costs into their product prices. This means higher prices for everyone, regardless of whether you need a return.
    And considering that almost 1 in 3 products gets returned on average, the costs can get pretty astronomical.
    We thought there was
    a better way:
    try 1 first before you buy more
    When returns don’t happen, we don’t pay all those costs,
    and all those savings go right back to you in the form of lower prices - simple.
    Thanks to our customers, our return rate is 10 times lower than the industry average
    That’s a A LOT of costs our customers are not paying for.

    As we do new things, we understand we might
    cause some waves -
    just like removing the
    headphone jack from phones -

    but that's ok because

    Our approach is more sustainable - for your wallet, for our business and for our planet.
    That’s some game-changing worth doing.

    We believe our approach
    is more sustainable -
    for your wallet,
    for our business
    and for our planet.
    It's a win-win-win.