We hope you're enjoying your new All Citizens garments! We designed our garments to be as low maintenance as possible, which is why they have very easy care instructions. Here are a few tips for how to best care for your new products to make sure they last for years to come.


For best results: All of our garments are easy care - simply wash on cold with like colors and hang to dry, that's it (yup, it's that easy).

For worst results: Wash on hot, let wet laundry sit for hours, then dry on high heat for 90 minutes and leave overnight to let the wrinkles set in. Mom would be proud.



And here are some pro tips to prolong the life of your garments to make sure they last even longer.

Pro Tip 1: Avoid washing your All Citizens garments with heavy or zippered items (like jackets or jeans) or items with velcro (like swim shorts) as they could snag or pull the fabric. It's like a porcupine cuddling with a panda - it just doesn't work out for the panda.


Pro Tip 2: We recommend hang drying or laying flat to dry because this is the gentlest and best way to care for garments. You can put the garments through the dryer as well, but do not use high heat - we recommend setting the dryer to tumble dry on low temperature and only drying the garments for 10 to 15 minutes (our fabric is quick drying so you don't need a whole drying cycle).


LPT: Hang dry your clothes when possible. Repeated drying on high heat will degrade fabric fibers over time (this is the case for all fabrics including cotton), causing the garments to wear out faster. It's always best to hang dry your laundry to keep the fabric's durability, but if that is not an option, then drying on low heat and taking the items out after 10 minutes is the next best option.

Follow these tips and your All Citizens garments will deliver comfort to you for years.