You were made to move - from your morning commute to exploring the city - but oftentimes, traditional underwear can’t keep up with your life in motion: the legs ride up and bunch, you constantly need to “re-adjust," itchinesssweat and odor all contribute to an uncomfortable experience.
So we combined performance materials with functional designs to address the everyday frustrations presented by traditional underwear. The result is comfortable under apparel that is engineered to handle your active life.
Check out our boxer briefs in more detail with the augmented reality model below. If you're using your phone, click the button on the bottom right corner to project the model in the real world.
Breathe Zones are areas made with tightly woven mesh to regulate airflow and allow your manhood to breathe. By strategically placing them where guys sweat the most - on the lower back and under the crotch - you can be confident that you'll remain cool and sweat-free throughout the day.
Life is lived in motion, so we stitched grip elastic in the thighs to keep the legs from riding up and bunching while you move.
Microfiber is an industry leading fabric that is known for its luxurious and technical qualities. We use the finest performance microfiber for its advanced features.
A Quick-access fly allows for a faster, more natural movement when nature calls. And by adding a contoured pouch with enough room to surround your manhood appropriately, "re-adjusting" will be a thing of the past.
Taking inspiration from the trunks of professional boxers, a thicker waistband was added that stays put on your waist and doesn't roll.
We believe that minimalism speaks volumes over loud branding. This lead us to design an understated waistband with a white and textured stripe layered on top of a classic black.
Major stress-points are reinforced with bar stitching to make sure our products last.
To bring it all together, we used durable, anti-chafe stitching that sits close to your skin for a naked feel.
You were made to move, and our boxer briefs were made to move with you.
It's time to get comfortable.